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Managing contractual insurance requirements from your vendors and subcontractors is rarely straightforward, but it is an integral part of risk management. Insurance requirements under any contract can be difficult to administer, because the more complicated the project or service, the more sophisticated vendors and subs insurance programs may be. When evaluating deductibles, self-insured retentions (SIRs) [...]

In small businesses, the death or disability of a key employee is difficult to overcome. His or her share in the business normally transfers to heirs. This can cause problems for businesses that may not want a new partner or cannot afford to buy out heirs. To avoid this problem, many business owners enter into [...]

We've all had moments when we kick ourselves for forgetting something. You get home from the market and realize you've forgotten one ingredient for dinner. You've forgotten your sister's birthday or the annual company picnic. Normally, you can recover from these momentary memory lapses, but no matter what, don't forget to pay your insurance premium [...]

Even savvy car insurance customers might not be aware of all the little-known facts about car insurance claims and coverage. Your insurance policy will probably cover you while you are in Canada. Driving in Canada is rarely discussed when purchasing auto insurance. Thankfully though, most insurance companies extend your same policy's coverage while north of [...]

"Over the years, we've had many rate quotes from large national companies, independents and internet based companies and they've never come close to the rates we receive through TCIS."

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